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Johannesburg : Re-Restructuring of Passport Agents Operations

CGJHB/AD/15/VOL.1 | Added on 22 December, 2021



Sequel to the restructuring of operation of passport agents announced by the Consulate vide circular CGJHB/AD/11VOL.1 dated 26th May 2021, we wish to inform the general public that services of Agents is hereby temporarily suspended. It is recalled that the engagement was subject to review after six (6) months, which expired on 25th November, 2021.

2. Consequently, the engagement between the Mission and the Agents is dependent on further review of the impact of the engagements of Agents on passport delivery, especially with regards to the Nigerian Community. 

3.  Henceforth, applicants are strongly advised to deal directly with the Mission and Online Integrated Solutions (OIS) office for all passport and visa application services. 

4.  In addition, no application by proxy will be accepted. All applicants having difficulties with their application should endeavor to contact the Mission directly through its Emails, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, and Twitter. On no account should an applicant employ the services of a proxy. 

5.  Furthermore, for the benefit of doubts, below are the coordinates to reach the mission; 

  • Email: "cgjhb @ nigerianconsulatesa . org" 
  • Facebook: "Nigerian Consulate General IN South Africa" 
  • Twitter: "@NigConsulate_SA (Consulate General of Nigeria, South Africa)" 
  • Gmail: "nconsulatesa @ gmail . com" 
  • Telephone Contacts: "0114423620 , 0114423621 , 0114423622" 
  • WhatsApp Coontact (Immigration Contact): "0603894534 , 0679519710"

6.  The above is for strict compliance please. 

by Nigerian C.G., Joburg , South Africa

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