Visa on Arrival

Nigeria Visa on Arrival (VoA)



In compliance with the Nigeria Immigration Act of 2015 Sec.20(7) which empowers the Comptroller General of Immigration to authorise issuance of Short Visit Visas at designated Ports of Entry into Nigeria, the Visa on Arrival channel was conceived. In line with the conveniency goals of the Nigeria Visa Policy (NVP) 2020, the Visa on Arrival program eliminates the need for applicants from listed countries to go through rigorous visa procedures prior to arriving in Nigeria. The VoA policy allows for eligible applicant to instantly obtain one in a range of visa classes including tourist and business visas, right at the authorised port of entry.



What Nationalities Qualify?


In addition to Recognized International Organization Representatives and all African Union nationals, passport holders from almost all other countries qualify for Nigeria Visa On Arrival program. However, certain classes of visa like the business class and multiple entry are restricted to certain nationalities. To know what is obtainable in your case, please click here to VoA on the Nigerian Immigration Service Portal, select your nationality to see what visa types are applicable

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How to Obtain VoA.

There are three main methods to obtain approval for the Visa on Arrival program: 

Apply via Email

Send an Email request to the Comptroller General of Immigration at should clearly state request for Visa On Arrival with the following Applicant details: 

  • Full Name
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Purpose of visit
  • Proposed date of visit
  • Proposed port of entry
  • Flight itinerary
  • Address in Nigeria.

Must attach the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport Data Page.
  • Copy of Airline Return ticket. 
  • Evidence of Accommodation.

For business visits, Certificate of Incorporation of inviting company and Personal Details of Representative Inviter including GMPCard or Passport Data Page is required.

The application would be reviewed and responded to accordingly.

Apply Online

Visit the Nigerian Immigration Portal. Select your country and begin the Visa on Arrival Program. Fill the Online Visa Form with accurate personal information in the form which is similar to the email method, upload all required documents and print the final confirmation page with your Application ID and Reference Number.

Proceed to make the online payment and print out the Payment Acknowledgement slip. Approval would be sent as email. Print that approval and combine it with all other requirements before you travel to Nigeria.

Apply through Inviter

If you are invited by an establishment, you inviter(s) can apply on your behalf using your email address so that you can receive the Approval directly from the Immigration Authority. But this method requires providing a lot of very personal information and documents directly to the inviter to enable them accurately answer immigration questions on your behalf. It is also practical for the Inviter to be at the port of Entry at the time you arrive in Nigeria.


It is also possible to just show up in Nigeria and then apply at the airport. This method is most effective for travellers who surely meet all criteria for the VoA. However, the most typical process is to first decide on which of the obtainable VOA visa types is most suitable for your purpose in Nigeria. Verify your eligibility for that visa type. Do a checklist of requirements for that visa type, complete the online process, receive the approval and then travel to Nigeria. If you did not have enough time to do the described process above then follow the NIS recommended procedure below.


Step by Step


  1. Arrive at Nigeria's Authorised Port of Entry.
    Especially Abuja and Lagos International Airports
  2. Approach the Visa on Arrival Desk for instructions.
    The officer will ask you a few questions and provide you a form, fill it
  3. Make the Online Payment Accordingly.
    Corresponding to the reference number on the form
  4. Print out the Payment Slip/Receipt.
  5. Proceed to Biometric and Issuance of Visa.


Warning : Due to the complaints we received from foreigners about queues and delays at the airport for VoA, we strongly advise that you complete the VoA Online Application process or send the Email and obtain approval before arriving in Nigeria. And it is wise to have your Nigerian Inviters be at the airport on your arrival. Alternatively, opt for the e-Visa.

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Obtainable VOA Types

Not all visa types are obtainable through the Visa On Arrival Program. Please see the applicable types below



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