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Consular Recommendation Letter


Consular Letter

Also called the "Citizenship Verfication Letter", "Approval Letter", "Consular Letter", "Introduction Letter", "Non-objection letter" or "Consular Letter", the Recommendation letter from the consular comes in handy when a Nigerian Citizen abroad is required to present it as extra proof that the Nigerian Mission/Embassy acknowledges the applicant. In some cases, when a Nigerian Citizen is domiciled in a foreign country and seeks visa to another foreign country, this letter is often an extra requirement. Some Foreign Universities also require this letter in order to admit Nigerian student. This is one of the quickest consular service to obtain, as long as applicant can present other documents proving Nigerian Citizenship and Legal status in host country.


The letter itself does not contain more than an introduction of the applicant as a Nigerian citizen and an affirmation that the applicant is fit to pursue the endeavour in question. Depending on the success of the NIN project, this consular service will be significantly diminished.


Popular Requirements

To obtain any of the consular letters, the following may be required


  • Registration with the Consular Section.
    (Some Consular Departments have Online Registration)
  • Application Letter to the Head of Mission.
    (Should introduce the applicant and explain the request)
  • Copy of Nigerian Passport Data Page.
  • Two Passport Photographs (35/40mm).
  • Copies of Current Visa Status / Residence Permit.
  • Evidence from the institution which requires the letter.
  • Appointment Booking with the Nigerian Mission.
  • Any extra requirements by the Nigerian Mission.