National ID Number

National Identification Number (NIN)



The National Identification Number (NIN) is mandated for all Nigerian citizens and legal residents in the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The number consists of 11 non-intelligible numbers as the main unique component of the Nationall ID Card issued on completion of enrollment into the Nigerian National Identity Database (NIDB). The database was designed as key to maintaining security and tied to basic public services for better management and efficiency in the near future.

Section 5 of the National Identity Management Commission Act No. 23 of 2007 ( NIMC Act) empowers the NIMC to create, manage, maintain and operate the National Identity Database, issue unique Identity token called the National Identification Number “NIN” to all registered persons, issue a General Multipurpose Card (GMPC), provide access for the verification and authentication of identities issued, carryout the harmonization and integration of existing identification databases in government agencies and integrating them into the National Identity Database. Furthermore, the NIMC Act under the same section, empowers the NIMC to partner with any agency of government or the private sector in the realization of its mandates, which is why NIN applied at home and/or through Nigeria Consular Missions abroad are often handled by private biometric data companies in partnership with the Nigerian government. 


Simple Steps to Obtain NIN

As the NIN service is an evolving one, it is succeptible to regular changes. In acknowledgement of this fact, applicant should first contact the NIN Center of convenience, make a brief inquiry to confirm/clarify the latest requrements and then typically follow the simple steps below:  

1. Fill the form

Sign up on the Diaspora Pre-Enrolment, then download and fill the NIMC form which gives you a clue of the requirements. You can contact the NIN Center in your location of domicile to confirm the requirements

2. Book Appointment

The NIN in most places of issue are done strictly based on appointment. See the list of NIN Centers below and their direct appointment booling link

3. Biometric Capturing

Following your appointment, you show up at the designated NIN application center and present requirements including evidence of your Nigeria Citizenship or Residence. Your biometric data will be captured and then the NIN would be processed.


After applicant completes the stages above, it could take between a few minutes to a few days to be issued your NIN with which you can obtain the GMP Card (General Multipurpose Card) if you wish to. 


NIN Procedure 

The procedures and processes to obtain NIN, as described by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC): 

Enrolment of Adults (16+):

i. Check the NIMC Website (Diaspora portal on to confirm the approved and activated Licensed Partner operating in your country of residence;

ii. Get your breeder documents ready (A valid Nigerian Passport or an Authentication letter from the Nigerian Embassy/Mission in your Country of residence where you do not have a Nigerian Passport). That is the document you are going to use to confirm you are a Nigerian Citizens; 

iii. Go to the website of the Licensed Partner of your choice and click the link for “PRE-ENROLMENT” (CR NEW). This link will direct you to the pre-enrolment portal of the National Identity Management Commission. You complete the pre- enrolment processes as directed on the link; 
iv. Once completed, a 2D barcode will be generated immediately. Save the 2D Barcode on your phone or print it out;
v. Make payment on the site of the Licensed Partner and save evidence of payment on your phone or print it out; 
vi. Book an appointment on the Licensed Partner’s website for the biometric data capture at the address indicated for your country of residence;
vii. Take along your breeder document, evidence of payment and the 2D Barcode to the office address provided; 

viii. On arrival, your height measurement will be taken. Thereafter the 2D barcode will be scanned and you will be asked to review your information. Once the review is completed your biometrics (10 finger prints, facial picture and signature) will be taken; 

ix. You will be asked to indicate your preference of NIN slip (paper or digital)** (Note this service is not yet activated. NIMC currently issues the NIN on a security

x. Your breeder document will be scanned; 

xi. Your enrolment will be sent to the NIMC Backend and a transaction slip will be generated on an ordinary paper and issued to you;
xii. If there is no issue with your registration (i.e. your biometrics does not resemble another in the NIDB database or you are attempting double registration), your NIN will be sent back immediately; 

xiii. The enrolment officer will then print your NIN on a NIN Slip and issue to you. You will sign a collection register;

xiv. The NIN is your identity and you will use it in all transactions requiring identity proof.
xv. Where there is a “hit” on your enrolment (your biometric resembles another existing biometric in the NIDB), You will not be given a NIN Slip but a Transaction Slip. You will be notified when your registration is cleared within 2 weeks of your enrolment. 

xvi. The Database Team at the NIMC office in Abuja, Nigeria will review the “hit”. Where it is a “true hit” it means you have been enrolled before or your data has been transmitted to the NIDB through the ongoing harmonization of data with other federal government agencies & the BVN. Your enrolment will be cleared and your NIN sent to your email address or phone number. You may also contact the office you enrolled to obtain a printed NIN slip. 


Enrolment of Minors (-16): 

i.  One of the Nigerian parent must have registered and obtained the NIN before commencement of the under 16years enrolment and the child must present his/her birth certificate.
ii.  Parents are to visit the website of the Licensed Partner of their choice and click the link for “PRE-ENROLMENT”. This link will direct you to the pre-enrolment portal of the National Identity Management Commission for under 16 years enrolment (ER NEW). You complete the pre- enrolment processes (including providing the NIN of the parent) as directed on the link. 
iii. Once completed a 2D barcode will be generated immediately. Save the 2D Barcode on your phone or print it out. Please do not fold the 2D barcode.
iv. Make payment on the site of the Licensed Partner and save evidence of payment on your phone or print it out.  

v. Book appointment on the Licensed Partner’s platform. 

vi. Parent takes the child to the location/address provided in the Country with supporting  document (NIN of parent for verification) and the original copy of the child’s birth certificate for on-site scanning. 

vii.  Children under 16 years will only be issued the NIN and are not eligible for the GMPCard until they reach the age of 16years when their biometrics are fully formed. 

viii. The NIN of the child will be link to the NIN of the parent until the child reaches the age of 16 years and his/her biometric are taken and stored in the NIDB.
ix. The NIN is the Identity of the child for life and will not change.


NIN Application Centers

These are the authorized NIN application centers around the world as at December 2020, arranged in no particular order: 

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