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Nigeria Transit Visa



This category of visa is intended for Foreign Travelers wishing to enter Nigeria for further travel to an onward destination. For example, one may wish to visit a country near Nigeria but there are no direct flights to that country from original port of embarkation, then he/she may want to travel there through Nigeria with a transit visa. Transit Visas are obtainable through the Visa on Arrival (VoA) program and through the Nigerian Missions or Visa Application Centers (VAC) within/near the countries where intending applicants are domiciled.




Transit Visa is available to all passport holders except ECOWAS/CEDEAO Nationals and citizens of other countries like Cameroon and Chad with which Nigeria has entered into visa abolition agreements. Seamen and pilots may also apply for this visa.


Basic Requirements

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months with at least 2 blank visa pages for endorsement. 
  • Two (2) recent Passport sized (35/40mm) Photograph. 
  • Confirmed ticket to an onward destination.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds. (situational requirement) 
  • Evidence of Hotel reservation. (situational requirement) 
  • Any extra requirements determined by the Nigerian Mission or Visa Application Center.


Application Procedure

Step 1: Decide on the Visa - Ensure that this category of visa is suitable for your purpose in Nigeria.
Step 2: Gather Requirements - Prepare all the necessary requirements for the visa.
Step 3: Apply Online - Complete the NIS Online Visa Application and print out the completed form
Step 4: Pay Online in the same aforementioned online application process and print out payment receipt.
Step 5: Affix 2 Passport sized Photographs (35/40mm) with white background with neither head covers nor face covers.
Step 6: Submit Application with the completed form and attached requirements to the Nigerian Mission or VAC.
Step 7: Visa Interview - There might be a scheduled interview depending on the visa type and/or if it is the first time you apply.


Important Information

Visa validity: Successful Applicant must enter Nigeria within 30 days of being issued the visa outside Nigeria.
Caution: This Visa is not valid for employment.
Visa Fees: New Fees Table | Old Fees Table
Processing Timeline: 2 – 3 working days from receipt of application.


Note: Under the new Nigeria Visa Policy 2020, The Transit Visa has been divided into two sub categories: 



If intending applicant finds the transit visa inconvenient for their purpose in Nigeria, they may opt for a tourist visa instead. Both visa classes are similar in cost and available through most Visa Application Channels. Applicant may be invited to the Nigerian Embassy, High Commission, Consulate or Visa Application Center (VAC) for interview if necessary.